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Software Features

Student Management
Student Management
  • Student's Record
  • Online Admission
  • Health & Wellness
  • Students Log, Visitor log
  • Guardian Feedback
  • Students' Admit Card
  • Student Identity Card with QR
  • Complete Student 360 Report
Academic Management
Academic Management
  • Student Mark Sheet, Grade Sheet
  • CAS System for Result
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Marks Entry Schedule
  • Exam Routine, Class Routine
  • Auto Remarks, Auto Attendance
  • Result Publish on Mobile App
  • Dynamic Report Card
  • Complete Academic Report
Account Management
Account Management
  • Student Billing Setup
  • Individual Student's Ledger and Statement
  • Class Wise Setup, Invoice
  • Dynamic Bus Setup
  • Due Report with Due Notifications
  • Scholarship and Discount Management
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Auto Payment Settlement
  • Other Receipt
Finance Management
Finance Management
  • Various Voucher Entry
  • Financial Budgeting According to Budget Heads
  • Account Analysis
  • Bank Cash Book, Voucher Book
  • Financial Statement Generation
  • Income and Expenses Report
  • Receipt and Payment Report
Library Management
Library Management
  • Library Books with Barcode
  • Student, Books Issue Return
  • Library Members Record
  • Barcodes for Book Tracking
  • Student Library Card
  • Shelf, Supplier, Donor Management
Attendance Management
Attendance Management
  • Live Attendance
  • Student Attendance Using RFID Card
  • Teacher and Student Attendance within Mobile App
  • Optional Attendance Recording via Biometric Devices
  • Attendance Report Generation
  • Attendance Tracking on Mobile App
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
  • Record of Product Purchases
  • Record of Sales and Refunds
  • Automatic Stock Reduction Upon Sales
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Stock Tracking
  • Sales and Purchase Reports
Payroll Management
Payroll Management
  • Employee Payrun
  • Tax and PF Management
  • Customized Salary Headings
  • Individualized Salary Additions/Deductions
  • Advance Payment Recording
  • Monthly Salary Slip Generation
Teacher & Staff Management
Teacher & Staff Management
  • Detailed Record of Teachers and Staffs
  • Assign Teacher Subjects
  • Class/Section Teacher
  • Teacher Staff Meeting
  • Teacher ID Card
  • Leave Request Management
GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking
  • Manage Vehicle Route
  • Live Location Tracking of Vehicle
  • Track Pick Up Time at Each Stops
  • Real-Time Live Tracking on Mobile App
  • Access Vehicle Details on the App
Mobile app
Mobile app
  • Homework and Assignments
  • Smart Attendance
  • Live Bus Tracking
  • Exam and Class Routine, Lesson Plan
  • Marks Entry, Result and Grade Sheet
  • CAS Entry
  • Online Fee Payment, Online Class, Online Exam
  • Leave Request, Library
  • Observation and Logs
  • Message and Notifications
  • Guardian Feedback, Observation and Log
Hostel Management
Hostel Management
  • Record of All Hostel Students Member
  • Billing and Fee Setup
  • Complete Report Generation